System features.

Our system is designed for all health and care providers, regardless of size or service type - offering seamless integration and true value for money.

That's why we have introduced a unique hub solution, whereby you pay for only what you need. Energy and money should be saved for patient care, not IT software.

Operations Management Hub-2

Powerful, not over powering.

Finally, a healthcare platform that’s both powerful and easy to use. Digitise all aspects of your service, and enjoy doing it!

Pick and choose from our range of hubs to create a platform that fits your requirements perfectly.

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Step one

You'll work with our team of onboarding experts to agree which hubs are required within your organisation.

Step two

Once hubs are agreed, the team will also work to understand the varying permissions and customised dashboard for the different staffing groups within your organisation.

Step three

We'll get to work designing the perfect platform for you! Once the bespoke development is complete, we'll work with you to roll this out across your serrvices.

The hubs.

Health-Connect has all the tools and integrations you need as a healthcare provider.

Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Pick and choose the hubs you need, and we'll do the rest.