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Frequently Asked Questions

Why connect online?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the exponential need for healthcare to move to a virtual platform as far as is physically possible. Our platform provides instant access, anytime, anywhere. Our experienced professionals can do anything required in a face-to-face consult. Minus the travel, waiting and added viral risk.

How does a video consult work?

Much like a physical consultation, you will get to see your healthcare professional and discuss your symptoms. Your professional will take a look at any affected areas, listen for any signs or symptoms and discuss the best route forward. If you need medication your professional will provide you with the correct prescription.

How do I connect to my Professional?

You simply search for the professional you require, in the area of your choice. You then book your consultation at your leisure and you attend your appointment. You can choose from a variety of professionals from many different disciplines. You can attend several appointments in a day or space them out to suit your needs.

How do I attend a class?

Here you will have the option to meet with your professional prior to the class, your own personal consult, where you can discuss any fitness or health goals. Your professional will advise you on the best route forward. If you do not opt for a personal consult you can simply join any fitness class.

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