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We believe that healthy businesses start with a happy workforce.

The cost of stress and sickness-related absences can have a considerable impact on your business: with higher staff absences, reduced productivity and increased recruitment costs. To help employers address these challenges and to promote a healthier and more harmonious workplace, we created the Employee Assistance Programme.

The programme.

An early-intervention service for employers who value the good health and wellbeing of their employees, our HR programme can be scaled to suit your business. By being proactive around a range of workplace issues, from mental health to desk posture, employers can see a range of benefits, including higher staff retention and boosted morale.

Types of treatment.

From issues of a medical nature to troubles at home, financial difficulties or mental health concerns, we provide an invaluable support network and empathetic ear for your staff. Available resources include one-on-one counselling, online physical and mental health assessment tools, occupational health, medical assessments, and more.

Wider HR support.

A single source of support to keep your business fully compliant, operating efficiently and maintaining the best care for your people, Health-Connect also offers wider solutions to meet your internal challenges. These include: HR and legal support, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, education services and data protection assistance.

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