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Stress, anxiety, depression or other related issues? Connect now to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, NLP practitioners and many others.

A powerful collaboration of qualified specialists and specialist services – in a safe and trusted environment to meet your health and wellbeing needs. Professional advice, video appointments, prescriptions, laboratory testing, vaccines, test kits and much more. It’s all here for you in one convenient place.

Regardless of whether you would like a video consultation with a medical professional, or simply want information on specific services and facilities to achieve and maintain the optimal condition of your mind and body, Health-Connect is the only resource you need.

With a trusted team of registered specialists and access to the widest range of health-related services and information, we offer a truly holistic approach to your overall wellbeing.

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Health-Connect goes further than anyone else by providing the widest range of healthcare professionals for you. Our international experts will be available 24/7, 365 days of the year and collectively represent the very best in worldwide healthcare.

Adult Health

We take a truly holistic approach to your good health and well being, incorporating access to GPs and more specialists than any other provider.

Children's Health

If you are parent tending to an unwell child and want immediate help, connect now to an experts for quick and easy access to help for your child.

Mental Health

Stress, anxiety, depression or other related issues? Connect now to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counsellors, NLP practitioners and many others.

Dental Health

Dental pain or other emergencies? Our experienced international team of Dentists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists, are here for immediate help.

Eye Health

Good vision is critical to overall health. You can access expert advice on your vision by way of diagnosis and ongoing advice to maintain your health. 

Pregnancy Health

Everything from fertility advice and treatment, pregnancy care and diets connect to expert health to guide you along a stress free maternity journey.

Diet and Fitness

Online physical trainers for the perfect workout, yoga and plates experts and everyone else you can think of. The A-Z of dietary and fitness experts.

Corporate Health

Our HR programme is for employers who value the health and well-being of their staff. Connect your business to benefit from a healthier workforce.

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