Mental Health

Symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression? Or something causing you concern? You can speak in confidence to any of our specialists: psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, NLP Practitioners. Connect without the fear of being judged.

Whether you’ve experienced bereavement, suffer from PTSD, survived abuse, had suicidal thoughts, diagnosed with long term mental disorders, we are there with you, every step of the way. Health-Connect can ensure all your needs are met within one system.

Internal referrals to specialists, medical tests, psychological assessments, prescriptive medication, well-being assessments, all just one click. Don’t hesitate, just connect, Health-Connect.

With the global pandemic effecting every element of our life, from work to children’s schooling, to ability to purchase basic amenities to socialising. You would not be alone in it having affected your mood and behaviour.

At Health-Connect we recognise how these unprecedented times can impact on our ability to function, and how this can, in turn, impact our mood.

Our professionals from numerous disciplines are waiting to consult with you. Should you require a counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse, CBT or NLP practitioner, be assured, Health-Connect is all you need.

Our practitioners are specialists in their relative fields. They have come together to work collaboratively to support you. Just one click away. All your mental health needs are supported in one safe and secure place.

You can be assured that the practitioner you wish to speak with is available to you within the safety of your own space, at a time that is convenient to you, irrespective of where they are worldwide. Just click on their availability and book a consultation.

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