Children’s Health

Connect with a professional that you can be assured has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide expert support in children’s health, for ages 0months to 16years. Our consultants are waiting to connect with you.

We seek to ensure you are connected with the right person to support you and your child. We furthermore provide a comprehensive service, with internal referrals being made as required, prescriptions forwarded to supporting pharmacies and links to a marketplace where non-prescriptive items can be purchased.

Be assured you have connected holistically to meet your child’s every health need through connecting with health-connect. All your child’s needs are met in one place. As children grow, they may experience health conditions and ailments, from colic, teething problems, growing pains, to ADHS as well as other possible concerns. For some of the issues you may be seeking reassurance, for others, you may be looking for guidance and proficient knowledge.

The changing times with COVID-19 have meant that access to face to face consultations have become restricted, replaced by phone consultations. However, we have lost the ability to see one another.

This is where Health-Connect is different. You can be assured you can connect with the right professional to meet your child’s specific needs. Your Health-Connect consultation with your chosen professional will be through video consultation.

Scroll through our list of professionals and be assured that the person you chose to connect is a specialist in their relative field. Our consultants are selected on the premise of their knowledge and research in their relative disciplines and specialities. Our list contains paediatricians, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, speech and language therapists as well as specialists in nutrition, child development, behaviour specialists and learning difficulties and disabilities.

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