Dental Health

Dental pain or other emergencies? Our experienced international team of Dentists, Dental Therapists and Hygienists, are here for immediate help.

Our team at Health-Connect consists of experienced dental health professionals. Leveraging our smart technology, secure video consultation platform they are able to provide virtual advice and consults so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. They are cognizant of the integral role that oral health plays in your general health and wellbeing.

A healthy mouth is a happy, smiling mouth and our friendly team will help point you in the right direction. They are available around the clock to discuss all your concerns, the best choice of treatment, as well as all the options available to you.

Our experienced team can address aesthetic concerns such as teeth straightening, whitening, crowns, veneers, and implants.

Apart from improving appearance and providing you with that award winning smile, the aesthetics also enhance and improve functionality. Within dental health you will find professionals that are able to assist you with gum disease, preventive dentistry, minimally invasive techniques, general and paediatric dentistry, providing you with the best route forward. Prescriptions are also considered and offered on an approval basis.

Expert dental advice is offered on our “Access Expert Knowledge” page where you are able to browse for any further information you may require! Connect with us so we can see your amazing smile!


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