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We all have both, and both require our care and focus.

And just like some aspects of physical health, part of the battle can be overcoming the obstacles to finding the right people to help.

Our carefully selected community of mental health experts provide consultations via confidential video calls, meaning you can speak to someone in the comfort and privacy of your home. Like all aspects of healthcare, mental health can feel intensely personal. That’s why you can browse our directory and find the right practitioner for you, not just who’s available next.

How it works.

Our video calls offer a safe, secure and supported environment to speak to a professional one-on-one. Our network includes counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, CBT and NLP practitioners.

What we treat.

We treat every person, unjudged. This includes treatment for depression, mood swings, anxiety, bereavement, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, abuse, and long-term mental disorders.

Our specialists can work collaboratively, and are able to action internal referrals, medical tests, psychological assessments, prescriptive medication and wellbeing assessments.

Other services.

Health-Connect is a comprehensive service, with experts and treatment for every stage of your family’s life. Our professionals are able to action internal referrals, prescription forwarding to supporting pharmacies or to your home, and links to the Health-Connect marketplace where you can purchase approved non-prescriptive items.

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