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Connect with a world of professionals.

Remote access to all your health needs, from diet and nutrition to dentistry.

Connect with a world of professionals.

Remote access to all your health needs, from diet and nutrition to dentistry.

When it comes to your healthcare, we take the long view.

By giving you direct access to a wider range of services, including counsellors, personal trainers and lifestyle experts, we can offer a genuinely holistic approach towards your physical and mental wellbeing. From face-to-face video consultations with doctors when you need them, to online Pilates classes when you don’t, find it all in one place.

Adult health.

Most everyday medical issues can be treated effectively via video calls without having to see a doctor in person. Issues we frequently treat include colds and flu, sore throats, depression, anxiety, migraines, weight management, sleep, fertility, and much more.

Mental health.

It’s estimated that mental health problems affect one in four people every year. Our confidential video consultations provide a safe, secure and supported environment to speak to qualified experts who can help, including psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors.

Diet and fitness.

Sometimes you need to see a GP, other times you just need to sweat it out with a PT. For us, health and fitness go hand in hand – which is why we place it in the palm of yours. Access everything from motivational coaching, to private yoga classes and group workouts.

Children’s health.

As physicians and parents, there are no limits to what we would do to protect the people we love. Access both emergency online GP appointments, plus consultations with specialists in children’s health, including paediatricians, child psychologists, and speech therapists.

Dental health.

Smile, we’ve got this. Through our smart technology and secure video platform, our team of dentists, dental therapists and hygienists can consult virtually and prescribe treatment on a range of issues, including gum disease, preventive dentistry and paediatric dentistry.

Pregnancy health.

Regardless of where you are on your pregnancy journey, there can be a lot of questions and conflicting information out there. From fertility help to pregnancy diet tips and guidance on childbirth, we direct you straight to the professionals who can help.

Eye health.

The way we see it, good vision is critical for your overall health and wellbeing. Consult with an optometrist, ophthalmologist or optician via our high-quality video consultation platform, and access the latest articles on vision and eye health from our experts.

Corporate health.

A healthy and happy workforce can help to reduce absences, increase staff retention and save businesses money. Our HR programme offers leaders a range of services for their employees, including one-on-one counselling, medical assessments and training.

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How it Works.

All access. Choose a healthcare professional, consult via video, get the treatment you need.

What we Treat.

All conditions. Just like in a surgery, our expert team can consult remotely on almost everything. 

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All better. Search medical, fitness and mental health advice for a happier and healthier you.