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Working together
for better healthcare.

Join our global network of health and wellbeing professionals.

Working together
for better healthcare.

Join our global network of health and wellbeing professionals.

Accessible Healthcare

We’re on a mission to make healthcare more accessible.

For our patients, by connecting them with a 360 range of online health services; and for our professionals, by providing a secure space to offer remote care to patients that is supported, flexible and rewarding.

Addressing the elephant in the room.

We didn’t need a global pandemic to tell us that, to some degree, our healthcare services needed to digitalise in order to best reach our communities. For us, advancements in health tech don’t remove the need for face-to-face time with patients. In fact, by helping patients to self-serve and consult with professionals virtually on some issues, it can free up space for clinicians to see those patients in person who really need it.

Join our network of professionals.

Empowering health professionals to start or grow their business online, we provide our Health-Connect community with a global wellbeing platform to connect with their patients via state-of-the-art video conferencing. Our working model may be flexible, but our standards aren’t. We provide the highest levels of online care across a spectrum of fields, including general practice, mental health, nutrition, fitness and more.

Remote working that never felt closer.

We don’t hire people who want a job, we hire people who share our vision. Health-Connect strives to create a company culture that sustains a creative, humble, and self-managing workforce. We are a truly diverse group who empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to our vision. We constantly challenge the status quo and support each other to push the boundaries, to create and to always innovate.

How it Works.

All access. Choose a healthcare professional, consult via video, get the treatment you need.

What we Treat.

All conditions. Just like in a surgery, our expert team can consult remotely on almost everything. 

Find an Article.

All better. Search medical, fitness and mental health advice for a happier and healthier you.