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Revolutionising Healthcare with Technology

Welcome to Health-Connect, your gateway to the future of healthcare innovation. We are a UK-based healthtech company on a mission to transform the healthcare landscape through pioneering technology solutions. Discover how Health-Connect is reshaping the industry with our groundbreaking Electronic Patient Record (EPR) platform and AI-blockchain integration.

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  • 55%The time practitioners in the UK actually spend with Patients
  • 54%forecast CAGR for the combined Blockchain and AI sector

Improve Patient Outcomes

Our core EPR product, known as Collaborate, is seamlessly built on a hybrid AI-blockchain layer, which enables quicker and superior patient outcomes, whilst ensuring the ongoing training and improvement of both healthcare practitioners and AI, that will form the foundation of future healthcare delivery.

Our Technology

“Technology is the silent partner in healthcare’s journey, working tirelessly behind the scenes to empower medical professionals, enhance patient care, and drive unprecedented advancements in the pursuit of a healthier world.”

Richard McKenzie, Chairman.


At Health-Connect, we prioritise patients above all else. Our technology is designed with their well-being in mind. Healthcare is about people, and our innovative solutions enhance the patient experience, ensuring they receive exceptional care and attention.

Health-Tech Experts

Our team excels in both health and tech, with 75% possessing dual expertise. This fusion empowers us to create innovative solutions bridging these fields, transforming healthcare.