Interoperable; modular; customisable; EPR

The Collaborate Platform: Advancing Healthcare Management

Collaborate, our flagship product, represents the future of streamlined healthcare management, all while being remarkably compact in size. This modular subscription-based digital platform harnesses the power of AI and cloud-based blockchain technology to ensure superior patient outcomes.

The Problems We Solve

In a healthcare landscape plagued by the complexities of multiple software systems, Collaborate stands as a compact yet robust solution. It seamlessly integrates diverse capabilities, including interoperable modules such as customisable care plans and live incident reports. These features empower healthcare providers to tailor their systems to their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and communication.

What’s even more remarkable is that Collaborate is customisable, allowing healthcare professionals to adapt it to their unique requirements. It requires no significant investment in hardware or software and can operate offline, with data syncing automatically upon reconnection. Collaborate ensures your business operates safely, seamlessly, and successfully.

Our AI-driven EPR system, now embedded within this compact platform, offers real-time predictions and suggestions, essentially providing a virtual professional to assist with patient care and decision-making. Collaborate: innovation that fits in the palm of your hand, redefining healthcare management for the better.

Key features of Collaborate:

  • Interoperability

  • Customisable templates, forms, and data entry options

  • Advanced Security Measures

  • AI driven care planning

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface

  • Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Clinical decision support systems

  • Auto updated patient profile