EPR; AI; Blockchain; Interoperability; Healthtech

About us

Health-Connect stands at the forefront of healthtech innovation, unwavering in our commitment to revolutionising healthcare management. Our flagship product, Collaborate, represents the fusion of cutting-edge AI and blockchain technologies, offering a transformative approach to streamlining clinical and operational processes. Guided by a dedicated team operating at the dynamic intersection of healthcare and technology, we are steadfastly shaping a future where patient-centric care becomes the unequivocal standard of excellence.

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by veteran healthcare practitioners, Health-Connect is headquartered in Manchester, UK. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionise the outdated UK secondary healthcare market by introducing an enhanced EPR application with a commitment to later delivery of large-scale innovation within this vertical. Our, our long-term roadmap includes pioneering patent-pending technologies, with a core focus on blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Our Progress

In 2022, we secured our first round of investment funding, enabling us to assemble a top-tier team of experts from healthcare, AI, blockchain, and the University of Oxford.

This new leadership team has focused on our ability to bring our next-generation platform to life and accelerate our roadmap