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Blockchain (‘Elara’): Ensuring Data Security and Reliability

One of Health-Connect’s unique selling points is our expertise in developing and maintaining electronic patient medical records that seamlessly integrate with our service modules. Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in ensuring data security and reliability. Here’s how:

Elara Blockchain

At Health-Connect, our core unique selling point lies in our proficiency in developing and maintaining electronic patient medical records that seamlessly integrate with our diverse range of service modules, fostering an unparalleled level of interoperability.

These modules offer an array of services aimed at enhancing collaboration with a patient’s core record, including the creation of Care Plans when specialised care is needed.

In scenarios where trust in sharing information with third parties is paramount, blockchain technology takes centre stage. Blockchain’s proven value in healthcare, encompassing access control, data integrity, data logging, and identity credentialing, forms the bedrock of our Elara blockchain. Health-Connect harnesses blockchain to safeguard the security and reliability of your healthcare data, ensuring the utmost trust and interoperability.

Attributes of the Elara Blockchain

Data Logging

Within a blockchain’s secure and controlled environment, healthcare participants confidently record and validate information, guaranteeing transparency, reliability, and interoperability.

Access Control

Blockchain, with its inherent trust mechanisms, ensures only authorised participants contribute to the network, significantly enhancing security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Data Integrity

Permissioned blockchains are central to preserving data integrity, offering a secure foundation for recording, storing, and managing transactions or data while promoting interoperability.

Identity Credentialing

Blockchain’s secure identity storage and verification processes fortify identity credentialing, maintaining data integrity, privacy, and promoting interoperability.


In alignment with our mission, we prioritise interoperability, which is the seamless exchange of healthcare data and the foundation of modern healthcare systems. As we define interoperability, we also acknowledge the significance of the National Information Board Interoperability Strategy, which guides our approach.

Transferring Value

Through blockchain utilisation, we streamline value transfers within our ecosystem, enhancing efficiency and security to the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.