The Health-Connect Team is made up of experts from across Healthcare, AI and Blockchain:

Andrew Dean, Chief Business Development Officer.

Andrew has a track record of delivering transformative initiatives for healthcare organisations, with extensive leadership experience as a CEO, COO, DoN, and DoO. In addition, he has served as a Specialist Commissioner in commissioning, being an NHS regional lead, and serving as Taskforce Lead for three ICSs in preparation for Parliamentary review.

Arpit Jacob, Chief Technology Officer.

Arpit began his career in India as a software engineer and progressed to work with a range of Fortune 500 companies and startups globally, primarily in the US, UK, Australia, and India. He served as a Senior Product Design Engineer at Barclays Bank, where he helped the team optimise development and reduce costs. Following this, Arpit moved to the US and became a 2X CTO, leading global teams.

Dr Binu Alexander, Product Development Lead

Binu is a registered doctor and after qualifying, was the resident medical officer for a number of facilities in India, as well as a reviewer of medical trials. After transitioning to software engineering, he progressed to become CTO of the SevenX group. As such, he brings invaluable domain experience across healthcare, product release management, and R&D.

Devan Moodley, Founder.

Dr. Devan Moodley is a qualified senior medical practitioner with extensive experience in both the NHS and private healthcare sectors. From working as a doctor to his current role as a CEO who implements technology and improves healthcare facilities, Devan has significant experience in implementing strategic and visionary digitisation within healthcare both in the UK and globally.

Helen Alexander, Chief People Officer.

Helen has worked for over 16 years within healthcare, initially as an Operational Manager and then as HR Director at Equilibrium Healthcare, where she was integral in that group achieving two CQC ‘outstanding’ ratings. Subsequently, she has been MD of an HR Consultancy in the north of England. Helen holds a postgraduate MSc (with distinction) in Human Resource Management.

Kevin Engel, Chief Financial Officer.

Having started his career in 1986, Kevin has over 35 years’ experience within accounting and finance functions. This has included senior partnership positions at Grant Thornton, culminating as Managing Partner for Scotland 2013-2017. During this time, he worked with clients such as Rangers Football Club, Liverpool M&S Arena, Pontins Holiday Parks, and Britannia Hotels.

Richard Mckenzie, Chairman.

Richard is a 35-year industry veteran, and a 4X CEO with multiple exits. A nurse by training, after attaining the Six Sigma Black Belt qualification, he spent the middle part of his career leading healthcare transformations across the U.K. Richard is also an advisor to LSE-listed Civitas Investment Management.

Shazia Khawaja, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Shazia is a clinical governance expert, with over 17 years’ experience within the health and social care sector, and is a specialist in regulatory frameworks, psychology, IT innovations within the healthcare market. Most recently, Shazia has been working as an inspector within the CQC, underlying her expertise in compliance and healthcare regulations.

Simon Bowles, Chief Product Officer.

Simon is a 2X blockchain CPO as well as being the token economist for Techstars, and a tutor at the University of Oxford. Previously he has advised or consulted for McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Y-Combinator, through to Mercedes F1 and Universal Music. He has also mentored over 100 blockchain startups on strategy, growth, and tokenomics.

Wing sum Tsui, Social Media Manager

Originally based in Hong Kong, Wing sum spent the majority of her career in design, working for both U.S. and Chinese clients. She then progressed to managing and training designers at the Xiamen design studio, as well as teaching at the University of Hong Kong. After retraining at Oxford University, she has worked in blockchain since 2023.