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Collaborate: The Future of Healthcare Management

Collaborate is our flagship product, a modular subscription-based digital platform designed to streamline operational and clinical management in healthcare. It harnesses the power of AI and cloud-based blockchain technology to deliver superior patient outcomes.

The Problem

The healthcare industry has long struggled with the challenge of managing a multitude of software systems, from email and roster management to EPR, project management, video conferencing, accounting, and audit tools.

Collaborate is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It simplifies your workflow by eliminating the need for multiple systems that fail to communicate effectively. Plus, it requires no significant hardware or software investment and can work offline with seamless data upload upon reconnection. Collaborate ensures your business operates safely, seamlessly, and successfully.

Our EPR system is driven by AI, providing real-time predictions and suggestions, essentially giving you a virtual professional to assist with patient care. We use blockchain to provide interoperability and immutability.

Our Technology