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AI (Jabel): Transforming Healthcare with Intelligence

Our AI services are designed to simplify complex medical data into actionable insights. Via carefully crafted scenarios, we simplify complex medical data into actionable insights. Intelligent tagging and prompts ensure precise ICD code selection, while AI-generated patient summaries enhance communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

Pushing the boundaries with generative AI.

Experience healthcare’s AI transformation. Health-Connect simplifies complex medical data with AI-Enabled ICD Codes and Encounter Summaries, streamlining patient communication.

Our voice-enabled tech ensures easy information retrieval, while precision navigation guides users effectively. AI-driven clinical decision support enriches medical insights. We also empower staff to enhance our AI, benefiting patients worldwide.

Attributes of Jabel AI

AI-Enabled ICD Codes and Encounter Summaries:

Through AI, we simplify complex medical data, aiding in precise ICD code selection and enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

Effortless Information Retrieval via Voice-Enabled Tech:

Our voice-enabled technology grants seamless access to care plans, patient notes, and diagnosis-specific details.

Precision Navigation via Voice Assistance:

Our AI-powered navigation ensures precision and accuracy for executives seeking site insights and healthcare professionals locating service users.

Insightful Clinical Decision Support via AI Analysis:

Extract vital information seamlessly from documents, empowering medical professionals with data-driven insights.

Medical Exploration Empowered by AI Expertise:

Our AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support system acts as a dependable compass for well-informed actions, elevating clinical decisions through the fusion of technology and medical acumen.

Training of Staff and Practitioners:

We not only use AI to improve patient outcomes at scale, but we also incentivise our staff to ‘train’ our AI, thereby adding to its utility for all patients globally.